Copy editing

I don’t know about you, but I have been tired of going around in circles when it comes to getting professional help in editing documents that are very sensitive and need that extra touch. That’s why I have to open a section for copy editing.

Copy editing: This thus refers to writing or modifying content and structure in an excerpt. Since copy editing is fairly easy, I don’t charge to the normal rate.

Package A:

1 page: just in case of that resume you so desperately need to land that amazing job. (front & back) = $3.50 US. (Prices may differ depending on the length of writing)

Package B:

Short story package: for those hard college essays. ( minimum 3 pages front & back/ maximum 10 pages front & back) = $8.75- $15.00

Note Any other requirements, requests or packages you would like to include, kindly send me an email, a couple of details, and we can start working on editing your sampled request.

Send me a message and we can get started.