About me:

Hi and welcome to Sanchez Proofreading. I’m Romani Sanchez. I help writers, novelists, poets, and those who wish to publish their dreams through proofreading words. I’ve been proofreading for some time now. All this drive and dedication to proofreading started when I finally realised I was not going anywhere with my current job and needed some extra income from somewhere, and fast.

I always had a liking to English, especially when it came to writing essays. Call me a ‘word nerd.’

So how did I end up choosing to proofread as a career? One day, while scouring the internet, I came across an ad on making money from home. That turned out to be proofreading. I honestly never thought there was a way for me to enjoy myself in the English language, but there is a lot more to it than just finding a career.

For me, my story is much more than just being successful in life or finding myself. It took a strong mindset, and the right people to lean on, just so I could get to where I’m at.

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